This year we are again adding audio to our mini dasher-bot.  In a similar fashion to last year we started off using the same mini class D 5v amp ( see last year’s post).  By hooking it up to 5v + GND pins to drive some 4W speakers.  The sound was fine and plenty loud. […]


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Trials and extra sensors

Yesterday we continued to train up some of our club members to try out some of the obstacles using the Wii_mote_nunchuck controller. The results were very good, with some steady manoeuvring around a makeshift golf course ramp and mini obstacle course.  The servo golf ball gizmo worked well. In addition to the training, we were also […]

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Voltage drop

As an efficient way of powering both the Pi + 4 x CAMJAM (6v) motors we are experimenting bespoke power board.  This operates in a similar manner to the ASTRO Piz-Moto HAT, we’ve tried last week.  The board fits neatly under the chassis – attached to an H-bridge/   The H-Bridge / 5v regulator module […]

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Wii_code + bling

Our STEM Ambassador Ernie Prevost has been busy helping to develop code for the Wii_mote + nunchuck. His code (available for all here)  uses pigio library, PWM to set three different speeds, and….. also controls the servo to raise and lower our golf ball gizmo.  Nice work Ernie.  This video shows how the controller works […]

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Marching on!

This week we’ve been mainly testing out the code for navigating the “rainbow box” – some success, but we need a magnetometer/another sensor.  The problem with this and the script we’re using for the maze is that the robot does not know how to turn exactly 90 degrees.  We will try adding a second sensor […]

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Golf Gizmo

We’ve been trying out a 3D printed “golf ball catcher” thingy – based on the simple prototypes designed before 1/2 term.   The idea is of course, to trap the ball as it descends down the slope and around the course.  A servo provides the automated lift. We tried out the design on a simplified gold […]

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New (Astro) Moto!

Last week I decided to replace our older Model 1B Pi’s with a spanking new ZeroW + a PiZ moto Driver board.  This board was purchased last year from Mark Cantrell (ASTRO Designs) who runs the micro-pi-noon robots @ Cotswold CAMJAM.  Here it is on a tracked robot chassis.  This gives us more room, and flexibility […]

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Team Thundering Hells reporting: Today was the Pi noon competition. First, we were introduced to a server motor for the slightly deranged golf competition. We decided to think of ideas that would mean that our prototype meccano golf ball grabber to be attached properly to the motor. We eventually settled for a small modification of […]

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This week, we used the maze to try out some autonomous script edits and as a course to enable the teams to drive around in the fastest times. A mix of different skills to get some points built up.  Some used SSH (via laptop & phone), some use wifi keyboards, and some used the Wii […]

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Slightly deranged

Thundering Hells Regiment reporting: First, we continued on trying to perfect the script to allow us to go around the course autonomously with ultrasonic sensors. While we were doing this, we decided to try and think of ideas to make the Pi better and started to work on the mechanical side of the preparation for […]

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