Building up!

_DSC6958.JPGAn update on progress:

We have two schools – with teams at each building CAMJAM robot kits.  So far we’ve got them scooting around using wifi keyboards, and then using ultrasonic sensors in a maze trial.  Some issues with inconsistent sensor readings, have forced us to remove all traces of breadboards and rethink the sensor attachment methods.

We’ve run some club challenges to build up a leaderboard, and are also working together to build up a robot that will represent the Haberdashers’.



Sensors proving to be very “hit or miss” – breadboard connections are to be replaced by something much more robust.



All prepared for an amazin’ race which never really happened – :O(. More of this after 1/2 term, when we’ve constructed a much better sensor unit + attachment!


Teams working well to add a sensor to their CAMJAM kit.



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