Dasher the robot updates


Ernie our very knowledgeable STEM Ambassador has been hard at work on  Dasher the club bot. New DC motors and a hand crafted dual H-Bridge has resulted in a much more stable drive. Two more motors to be added this week – will make it truly 4WD! The video below shows just how agile it is with 2 motors + castor.  The pupils at Abraham Darby Academy are helping construct the robot every week.


We’ve still got some work to do on the distance sensors for the straight line test, and the three line followers need to be plumbed in!

Work to do: laser cut a new 5mm this chassis board, use a new power transformer   (from the 11.4V LiPo battery)to give power to  both the pi and motors. A new quad H-bridge controller (1 Amp) for the 4 new DC motors. And finessing the two sensors.

And – of course a silly cover!



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