Dasher skinned


A slew of new updates for Dasher continues to improve chassis design, and sensors. And… dasher gets a new skin this week courtesy of Ezri (one of our Pi-Wars team members).



A whole list of new stuff that improves sensor control and power distribution.  We’ve stuck with the homegrown H-bridge (with on/off switch) as this handles current well. The power from the 11.4V LiPo battery is distributed to the H-Bridge and via a 5V regulator to the Pi3. A natty little power board allows ease of connectivity.

A new Pokémon inspired skin is being developed for Dasher.

The 3 distance sensors are now being controlled via an Arduino which passes results to the Pi for steering/direction.  The Arduino code takes an average of 3 readings, then sends that data up to the pi via I2C. A neat little LED screen displays sensor values in real time.

The distance sensors (under the chassis) can be removed and replaced by different tools to suit challenges.  The placement of wheels under the chassis has been crucial to enable modules to be swapped for different challenges.

Frequent driving tests prove that the 4X 12c motors are happy to spin in circles and manoeuvre  well – with plenty of torque; controlled with a tank / skid steer from a Ps3 Bluetooth joypad.





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