PSX + Python + Products

This week we’re honing the remote controls, fixing some broken stuff after testing last week, fitting  the mini amp + speakers & fitting the cover!

Before I get to the updates on Dasher, I thought a note about the 5v regulator is worth mentioning. This is stepping down power from our 11.4 LiPo battery. The supply splits to power both Pi & 12V DC motors.


The 5 volt regulator ware using is a Pololu DV24V50F5 (Step down), this is rated at 5A output and can take any input between 6V and 38V. Because it has a good output current we’ve added a small 5v distribution rail/plug on the side of the battery compartment. This will be used to power other equipment such as lighting and sound.


dasher- sensors.JPG

Just an update on the image above.  This shows the CAM JAM sensors – to be controlled via a Python script. Teething problems still exist for accurate reading/feedback.

The image below shows the servo triggered skittle module, which broke at the neck last week! The same occurred with the similar golf ball pusher. Reinforcements are being added.



VLC test results

We also noticed that when running VLC player from the terminal/command line that we’re getting loads of errors. This occurs in a Pixel upgrade, as my test machine had not been upgrade to Pixel! It still works fine tho’ :OD. But we also need to build a tiny (metal) box to shield it from interference.



 Adafruit SSD1306 Libraryimag1534

The Adafruit library is used to drive the small (0.96”) display screen which shows various status information.


Finally, a note on the libraries we’ve used to hook up the PS3 Bluetooth controller, that executes commands, regulates power (using PWM) and drives Dasher.



Used information from Piborg & pygame for setting up and using the PS3 controller


Pigpio Library

The pigpio library provides access to the gpio pins as well as providing software PWM support to all gpio pins.




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