Final Fettlin’

This  (& next) week we are mostly finishing stuff! Yes, there’s still quite a bit of work to do on the cover, and audio set up (might be Pringles speaker after all!), and some finessing of the code to control the sensors.

But… what we have done this week is to fix both the ‘cups’ that push the golf ball around, and skittle kicker’er.  There was more building up of the foot-plate that links the cover to

the chassis & will house our LED strings, see below.


One of the new locators for Dashers cover.


Dasher’s skin getting sillier..



Repairs  & mod’s to the stuff we broke last week.


We also have a new screen frame to be added onto the side of the chassis.


This illustrates our 3 X ultrasonics on the removable mounting plate, ready for the straight line & maze. Still some work to do with the code.


Still to do:

  1. Neopixelly string ‘O’ lights somewhere on Dasher
  2. Add the audio rig
  3. Complete the unicorny skin













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