Dasher wins at Pi Wars


Dasher The Robot, was quite a formidable beast, compared to most of the much smaller robots that competed with us on the day. There were approx’ 30 schools taking part in a series of tough challenges throughout the day. One of these was “artistic merit” – which we won. Another was a very tricky skittles challenge, which we also won. The third and final challenge which we also won was the end of day was the knockout challenge of “Pi-Noon” battles.  This was quite unexpected, and such a fantastic end to the day, we decided to stay late to receive prizes and medals.  And, to top that, we also came 4th in the overall competition, thus winning us a bag of swag, including a robot kit for the Federation.

See Dasher in action on round one of our rise through the ranks during the Pi Noon battles.


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