We won a CBiS 4WD robot at the Pi-Wars last year.  We’ve been having a play!



There’s been a few hurdles to overcome – which may now have been jumped! Firstly we proved that the original design does not steer – using the above axle configuration.  Secondly, we found the included scripts to confusing for those of us used to the ways of the CAMJAM kits.

George Withers (year 8 student at the Academy) has just spent a week fettling the hardware and software to make it more resonsive to our needs. George has move the wheels closer, replaced the WiringPi software with the CAMJAM scripts, added an autoboot script – and even added a digital feedback display!  We will test this against the A5 designs this week. It’s a solid chassis, with room to expand an customise – so it might be the chosen one!!!!

Initial photos of the mods below. Well done George.



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