BlueDot controller

We’ve been experimenting over the past few weeks with the BlueDot smart phone bluetooth app.   On first impressions it runs quite well! I did have to flash a SD card with a Stretch OS image, then add the necessary drivers as per the read the docs instructions.   Pairing and linking the phone to the Pi takes a while to work out the correct sequence -but once it’s paired – it works a treat.

Stretch is really stretching (see what  I did there!) our older model B Pis!  So we might revert to a Pi Zero W to try this out. And I’ve also noticed that sometimes our new bluetooth dongles don’t get recognised with the wiimotes, we’re also using!

So now we’ve got a new SD card imaged with a fresh Stretch OS + BlueDot + Wiimote drivers from CAMJAM website.  The wiimotes are working very well, so it looks like we’ll use those for simplicity sake.



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