Just before the xmas break we decided it was time to construct a 1:1 replica of the maze challenge. We will use this to conduct some accurate trials of the ultrasonic sensor over the next months. We constructed the maze in board sections, and attached the walls using using dowels, to allow us to dismantle and transport it easier!

The hope is that by using a 1:1 course, we can iron out some of the glitches experienced last year when we tried to get some good results from the HC_SR04 sensor that comes with the CAM_JAM kit.  We hope to eliminate some of the false (positives) readings when just allowing the robot to roam around a room!  Hopefully we should be abel to tweak (Python code)settings and placement of the sensor for optimum reliability!  We’ll keep you posted.

Thanks again to Keith Bailey, our STEM Ambassador who provided the materials, tools and time to make this for the clubs.



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