Little sense!

Team Thundering Hells and RBFM continued this week to refine placement of the ultrasonic sensor to enable it to avoid the maze walls! Limited success; but at least we’ve now got two teams trying to get the CAMJAM script to operate as expected. I can see these refinements lasting a few more weeks!


Thundernig Hells – first maze attempt from kevbrace on Vimeo.

We have a few more boys join the teams this week – with one of them hacking a USB lead to power the H-Bridge from a USB powerbank! Neat.


I’ve tasked the other teams to use the GPIO Zero Robot library Script to drive around the maze in a BigTrack styleeee – using this script:

2.21. Robot

Make a Robot drive around in (roughly) a square:

from gpiozero import Robot
from time import sleep

robot = Robot(left=(4, 14), right=(17, 18))

for i in range(4):


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