RBFM robot test

Blog by Team RBFM.


Last week in our Raspberry Pi session, we had to do some emergency repairs to the robot because the top of it had been snapped off. We had to modify a replacement top as it did not fit onto the robot`s frame, but we were not able to make the necessary adjustments to the replacement roof, so in the session next week we will have to finally fix it.

Last week we had to rest it on top of the robot for our necessary testing this week. So that immediate crisis was overcome. That was not at all to expect not even by Ben, we decided we needed to finally fully start our motion sensor testing to the maximum. So we went to check the maze before we set up the robot. But when we started to fix it we were faced with another catastrophe, one of the wheels wasn’t working! But that disaster was quickly averted through some excellent work by Ben. We then realised it was turning too much when it noticed something was in front of it so we will have to fix that next week.

Our initial tests also revealed that the sensor was sticking too far from the front, so we swapped this for a smaller 3D printed bracket.



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