Slightly deranged

Thundering Hells Regiment reporting:

First, we continued on trying to perfect the script to allow us to go around the course autonomously with ultrasonic sensors.

While we were doing this, we decided to try and think of ideas to make the Pi better and started to work on the mechanical side of the preparation for the other challenges. One of us worked on the code while another worked on the physical attachment for the “slightly deranged golf challenge.” I worked on the blog and helped with the tweaking of the script and the mechanical side of the Pi as well as finding new ideas for the Pi with the other member of our group.

We successfully made a model of the loop we were going to use in “slightly deranged golf” and found that we needed to change the turn time for the maze.

Unfortunately, we haven’t had any more success on the maze but are still fine tuning the code. We think it may be a problem with the back bearing wheel.



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