This week, we used the maze to try out some autonomous script edits and as a course to enable the teams to drive around in the fastest times. A mix of different skills to get some points built up.  Some used SSH (via laptop & phone), some use wifi keyboards, and some used the Wii bluetooth controller. Mixed results – but much fun.  Pictures and some videos give you an idea of what the teams achieved this week.

Team Thundering Hells Regiment reporting 

Today, we decided to try and get some points on the board to push us up into first place. First, we decided to try and get around the maze autonomously. We made changes to the amount of seconds to turn and the sensitivity of the sensors remotely with ssh. We then tried the course autonomously and manually and got good results.

We then tried to connect the Pi to a Wii remote to drive it better manually. We connected ssh to an open network and one of us controlled it from our phones. We changed the amount of turn variable and successfully made it to board 2 and won the challenge. We also got points for using a wifi network and being able to control the robot with ssh. Then we got the robot successfully connected to the Wii remote.


maze_chalelnge_ 8/2/18 from kevbrace on Vimeo.

maze-challenges – 8/2/18 from kevbrace on Vimeo.

maze-challenges – 8-2-18 from kevbrace on Vimeo.


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