New (Astro) Moto!

Last week I decided to replace our older Model 1B Pi’s with a spanking new ZeroW + a PiZ moto Driver board.  This board was purchased last year from Mark Cantrell (ASTRO Designs) who runs the micro-pi-noon robots @ Cotswold CAMJAM.  Here it is on a tracked robot chassis.  This gives us more room, and flexibility + onboard wifi + Bluetooth.


I’ve been planning to try out the driver (PiZ-Moto) for a while, and it provides a method to power both the pi + motors using a 7.2 V LiPo battery. It’s fully compatible with the CAMJAM Kit as well!  And Mark even handed over some code to try it out.  It really is a neat driver.


We added it to our design this week to test it out with a Wii controller.  The extra power now gives our robot plenty of grunt, but the robot now proves a big to jumpy to control accurately!  Here’s a video of it in action on a test golf track.

astro-hat from kevbrace on Vimeo.



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