Wii_code + bling

Our STEM Ambassador Ernie Prevost has been busy helping to develop code for the Wii_mote + nunchuck. His code (available for all here)  uses pigio library, PWM to set three different speeds, and….. also controls the servo to raise and lower our golf ball gizmo.  Nice work Ernie.  This video shows how the controller works with CAMJAM motors (powered by a 7.2V LiPo battery)

Dasher-wii-drive from kevbrace on Vimeo.

Team Thundering Hells reporting:

Today, we worked on a new four-wheeled drive robot (one that actually works) with RBFM, the team who came second. It had a Raspberry Pi Zero. Today’s aims are to connect a Wii Nun chuck for better direction and steering, and to try and complete the maze autonomously. We successfully connected a nun chuck and played around, familiarizing ourselves with the controls. We decided to set up another robot to test our other robot’s capabilities in a simulated battle of pi noon. The result was a spectacular tactical victory for the new Pi.

We’ve also been getting on with a new lid for our ‘bot using meccano to create a simple roll cage.  This should protect Dasher and provide a means to attach extras like our new string of  (3v) “fairy lights” powered using simple GPIOZERO library code via GPIO pins.





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