Trials and extra sensors

Yesterday we continued to train up some of our club members to try out some of the obstacles using the Wii_mote_nunchuck controller. The results were very good, with some steady manoeuvring around a makeshift golf course ramp and mini obstacle course.  The servo golf ball gizmo worked well.

In addition to the training, we were also trying out a new sensor set up – using two sensors to gauge distance from the side wall + the wall in front.  The logic kind of worked!  Still some work to do, but this method looks more promising than just a single ultrasonic sensor. See results below.

golf-down-ramp from kevbrace on Vimeo.

golf-gizmo01 from kevbrace on Vimeo.

golf-gizmo02 from kevbrace on Vimeo.

obstacle-tryout from kevbrace on Vimeo.

over-the-rainbow-more-sensors from kevbrace on Vimeo.



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