New year new bot!

During the summer of 2017 we started to design and make a much smaller (sub A5 footprint) robot chassis – for the clubs  We had plenty of 3mm MDF sheets and easy access to laser cutters – so it seemed ideal that we begin trials of a new more compact design.  The desire was to essentially build […]

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Dasher wins at Pi Wars

  Dasher The Robot, was quite a formidable beast, compared to most of the much smaller robots that competed with us on the day. There were approx’ 30 schools taking part in a series of tough challenges throughout the day. One of these was “artistic merit” – which we won. Another was a very tricky […]

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Final Fettlin’

This  (& next) week we are mostly finishing stuff! Yes, there’s still quite a bit of work to do on the cover, and audio set up (might be Pringles speaker after all!), and some finessing of the code to control the sensors. But… what we have done this week is to fix both the ‘cups’ […]

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PSX + Python + Products

This week we’re honing the remote controls, fixing some broken stuff after testing last week, fitting  the mini amp + speakers & fitting the cover! Before I get to the updates on Dasher, I thought a note about the 5v regulator is worth mentioning. This is stepping down power from our 11.4 LiPo battery. The supply splits to power […]

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Sounds good!

For the past two months or so I’ve been working on a silly audio solution for the team robot – Dasher.  Initially I wanted to play sounds on button press – but that lagged/stalled the button process, and didn’t sound silly enough. So I had the idea of playing a series of audio tracks from […]

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Testing times

We’ve chosen our team of eight from the Adam’s Haberdashers’ Federation, and everyone is mucking in to help refine & dress Dasher. This week, we’re working on the following: Completing the skin + blinky lights + extra silliness (think unicorn!) Adding some extra silly audio – more details of that next week Testing out the two mechanisms that will […]

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Dasher skinned

  A slew of new updates for Dasher continues to improve chassis design, and sensors. And… dasher gets a new skin this week courtesy of Ezri (one of our Pi-Wars team members).   A whole list of new stuff that improves sensor control and power distribution.  We’ve stuck with the homegrown H-bridge (with on/off switch) as […]

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Things are hotting up! Josh – one of our Pi-Wars team has created a nice logo for the (Haber)Dasher team. T’would look fine on a T-Shirt. The week we’ve been mostly thinking about bling + a skin for Dasher! So we took the opportunity to rewire some strings of (3v) Xmas lights to create a flashing/pulsing […]

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School Duel

Pi-noon popping fun with R2D2 bot This week we had a Haberdashers Federation day of Pi-Wars themed challenges.  The venue was at Abraham Darby Academy in Telford. We had 7 teams (14 pupils) come over from Adams’ Grammar to battle it out. In total we had 10 teams Pi-noon’ing or obstacle racing to build points, […]

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Yesterday we had much fun (and success) with some practice runs for next week’s inter-school challenge to determine which team goes to Pi-Wars on April 1st.    

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