Just before the xmas break we decided it was time to construct a 1:1 replica of the maze challenge. We will use this to conduct some accurate trials of the ultrasonic sensor over the next months. We constructed the maze in board sections, and attached the walls using using dowels, to allow us to dismantle […]

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BlueDot trials

Team Thundering Hells Regiment reporting: We had found a problem with controlling the robot properly with Bluedot on one of our phones. After multiple retries, the connection between the [Bluetooth] clients worked perfectly, but the controls on the application were reversed. Originally, we thought the problem was with the script, but after a while, we […]

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Diddy Dasher Battles

Back in November we ran a couple of club tests for our new sub A5 design Diddy Dasher bot.  We ran a couple of tracks/challenges: A simple obstacle course designed to test driving skills and the new design. An even simpler robot football course – again designed to test those essential driving skills and gauge […]

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Our clever STEM Ambassadors (Keith & Ernie) have been modding the HC-SR04 sensor to include the voltage divider on board. This means we can dispense with the breadboard and use something more robust. Thus far we have two sensor housings to test out: 3D printed bracket and a 2D laser cut gizmo. The 2D holder […]

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Dasher Develops!

Before I get into the meat of the latest club robot updates, I thought we would share more images of the shenanigans at Monday’s Haberdashers battlefest! As you can see much fun was had by all. I was ably assisted by  Robert & Aarti from Cap Gemini, and Ernie our very own STEM Ambassador, plus Peter Chapman […]

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