Can we have a rebuild?

Last week we were preoccupied with a complete chassis rebuild. A number of issues were causing problems with the old design:

  • Wobbly wheels brackets
  • Poor placement of motor battery pack
  • Leaving the battery pack on and draining the AA batteries.
  • Snapping of leads into the H-Bridge
  • untidy cabling spilling over the floor.


All of this was solved by redesigning  better motor mounts, and re-siting the motor battery pack to underneath the chassis. So the new design lowered the overall height, and allowed a place to stow the Pi-power pack. Teams had the bot’s back up and running in an hour for a test run.  George – one of our Academy Roboteers suffered from a serious case of upsidedownwrongstickingness!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Watch it run!






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