Testing times

We’ve chosen our team of eight from the Adam’s Haberdashers’ Federation, and everyone is mucking in to help refine & dress Dasher. This week, we’re working on the following:

  1. Completing the skin + blinky lights + extra silliness (think unicorn!)
  2. Adding some extra silly audio – more details of that next week
  3. Testing out the two mechanisms that will be used in the golf and skittles challenges
  4. Rethinking the sensors + Arduino set up, to revert back to the more familiar CAMJAM kit of parts that the students have been working on since October.

As promised last week –  see a video of the modified Xmas lights that will light up Dasher….. Last week our students coded up a simple script to drive these LEDs.


Skittle plunger – triggered by a mini servo, and a key combination from the PS3 controller. Excellent design by our STEM Ambassador.

Golf ball “pusher<>arounder” – simple and vaguely effective! We’ll have fun with this :o/


Videos of our students testing out the modular designs can be viewed below. Both of these mechanisms can be detached – from the underside of the chassis.



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