Marching on!

This week we’ve been mainly testing out the code for navigating the “rainbow box” – some success, but we need a magnetometer/another sensor.  The problem with this and the script we’re using for the maze is that the robot does not know how to turn exactly 90 degrees.  We will try adding a second sensor to “follow” the wall.  The golf ball gizmo is mostly completed, and attempts are being made at a cover.  I’ve had some luck with a hacked Li Ion battery pack to power the Pi & motors.

the wiimote has been adapted to use the Wii-nunchuck which gives us some refinement on the jumpy motors -now powered (well) by 7.4 volts.

A few videos below illustrate progress.

Team Thundering Hells reporting….

” After winning the competition, we went into semi-partnership with RBFM, the team who finished second. We gained a four-wheeled drive robot to work on. We encountered a small technical hitch with what we thought was the batteries but was another different unknown problem we experimented with lithium cell batteries, then tried not using them. We stopped the system, rewired the batteries to the hat, and restarted the system. After repeated problems, we switched to another four wheeled Pi for testing. We powered up the new Pi and it worked but we, like RBFM, had multiple problems that we are working on and testing for solutions currently. More next week! “

VID_20180307_214206 from kevbrace on Vimeo.

New battery pack!

golf ball gizmo _ now controlled from the wiimote from kevbrace on Vimeo.

VID_20180306_163008 from kevbrace on Vimeo.

Golf ball gizmo – powered from the wiimote

VID_20180306_155834 from kevbrace on Vimeo.

trying to turn 90 degrees


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